Naxos Island

  • Naxos Island, Portara
  • Naxos Island, Theologaki Church in Hora (Naxos Town)
  • Naxos Island Greece, Koronos Village
  • Naxos Island, Kouros statue in Melanes

Naxos is the largest island in Cyclades Islands and one of the most beautiful among the Greek Islands. It combines superb fine sand beaches, mountainous beauty and fertile valleys that harmonically blend with picturesque villages.

It is one of the most popular destinations in Greece, and its attractions include the unique beauty, the variety of the landscape, the numerous historical places to visit, the beautiful walking wander routes, the tradition which has been preserved in many villages.

40 kilometres of beaches, more than 40 traditional villages, plenty of monument, churches, archaeological places, combined with the relaxed atmosphere make Naxos Island one of the very best holiday destinations in Greece.

The island is a lot more than sea and sun resort. It offers many kind of activities for everyone. Wind surfing, kite surfing, hiking, cycling, photo touring, sailing, horse riding are just a few of the activities that make Naxos so distinct.

Upon entering the port, the whitewashed Hora of Naxos (Naxos Town) and the islet of Palatia at its entrance form a most welcoming setting! On Palatia islet lies the impressive Portara, a marble gate of a 6th century BC temple of Apollo. According to mythology, the god Dionysus met Ariadni there, who had been abandoned by Thesseus. Hóra, the capital of Náxos, whose landmark is an imposing Venetian Castle, is an old castle town with stone paved alleys (kalderímia) where you can admire a unique blend of Cycladic and Medieval architecture: mansions with Venetian blazons still decorating their entrances, narrow alleys with arches, catholic churches and fortifications.

Visit the Archaeological Museum, housed in a historic building of the Venetian Period, housing finds from the Early Neolithic Age up to the Early Christian Period and an interesting collection of Cycladic figurines.

Explore traditional villages spread around the island, with a very special style: Apiranthos is a colourful mountainous village boasting five museums, stone-built houses, beautiful squares and narrow alleys paved with marble, and Panagia Drosiani, a beautiful church of the Early Christian Period! Filoti, built on the top of a rock, is a picturesque mountainous village surrounded by lush vegetation with cubic shaped houses and narrow stone-paved alleys. The 9th-10th century church of Panagia Protothroni, situated at a close distance, is the biggest Byzantine church of Naxos with murals of great value. The community of Sagri consists of villages (Ano Sagri and Kato Sagri). You will feel admiration before the Venetian towers, the traditional windmills and a number of major Byzantine churches, like Agios Mamas, all of which make Sagri the Mystras of the Aegean albeit on a smaller scale! Close to Sagri is the 6th century BC Demeter sanctuary, made exclusively of white marble.